Shopping for new shoes is a passion that a lot of women share. Whether it’s Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Crocket and Jones or Christian Louboutin, the urge to acquire a new pair of pumps on a seemingly monthly basis is almost uncontrollable, almost like it were a bodily function. With every new season comes a whole new array of ladies footwear, a whole new set of trends, and a load more money drained from the bank account. And here are the main culprits responsible for relentlessly overflowing our ladies’ shoe racks, worldwide. For the most part, versatility is the key to their success.


Classic Black Pumps


Perfectly fitted, sexy black pumps are an absolute must in any woman’s wardrobe. Why? Their sheer versatility. For women who work in offices (or similarly professional environments) during the daytime, classic black pumps will be perfectly in line with the expected dress code. But likewise, they will also go perfectly with any casual night-time attire as well. The fact that these classic pieces of footwear can complete just about any ensemble makes them one of the most popular and most purchased ladies shoe styles to date.


Ballet Flats


As the name suggests, ballet flats are delicate and feminine. But as well as that, they are also very comfortable and fuss-free. With a simple, slip-on style, ballet flats are perfect for relaxed, sunny days around the house or out and about. Similar to classic black pumps, these can compliment most styles of dress, though they go best will casual outfits.


Neutral-Coloured Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are a much bolder look than classic black pumps or ballet flats, and can add far more character to an outfit – if that’s what you’re looking for. Bold though they may be however, ankle boots – particularly those in neutral colours – are incredibly versatile as well, and can be matched with jeans, skirts, shorts or even dresses. Because of the comfort and versatility offered by these boots (it isn’t uncommon to see them being worn the whole year round) they are amongst the very best-selling style of ladies’ footwear in the world.


To Suit Any Occasion


There’s no denying that regular shoe-shopping is a past-time embraced by most women. And it seems that the styles which never fade into obscurity, are the ones which can be adapted to suit every occasion.

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