From wingtips to your favorite pair of Vans slip-ons, no show socks are a great way to comfortably wear your favorite kicks without the worry of sweat, odor, sand, or other debris killing your swagger. If you’re the type of guy who likes to rock the no-show look, there are a few things you should know about this kind of sock and how mainstream they have become, which we promise, in this instance is a good thing.


No-Show Socks Are Totally Office Appropriate With the Right Footwear

Whether you work at a law firm or an art firm, wearing no show socks is totally mainstream. Knowing that it’s an everyday convention to wear them in the workplace means you get to pair your favorite fun pairs of no-show socks — but you can’t use this newfound freedom to take things too far. For example, don’t wear your no show socks with your leather Oxford, Chelsea, chukka, or wingtip boots. Stick with ankle-height shoes and no higher — if it is a mid-height boot or longer, the short answer to no-show socks is: no way.

However, there are tons of great options in dress shoes that give you the leeway to rock the sock that no one will see. Try low-cut suede bucks, loafers with or without tassels, the longwing derby cut, single or double monkstraps, or a classic plain-toe or cap-toe derby. This is a selection of varied styles that allow you to show off your skill with wardrobe without showing off your socks.

Rock Your Casual Look With Perfection: No-Show Socks for Slip-Ons and More

For skate shoes, slip-ons, docksiders, boat shoes, and other spring, summer, beach, and lake attire, no-show socks are a must have. They allow you to wear shorts and three-quarter length pants without showing sock — a cardinal sin in the world of casual fashion. Whether you’re a dedicated jock, a devoted preppy, or a steadfast skater boy, the no show sock allows you to wear what you want while enjoying the comforts of socks… that no one but you will know you’re wearing.

The Low No Show and the Ultra Low No Show: Know Which One to Employ When

For very low cut shoes with no tongue and/or with a top outer that covers only your toes and say the next three inches up, you won’t just need a no-show sock, you’re going to need an ultra low no show — in this way, no part of the sock will creep out of your über low-cut shoes — because when this happens, the whole premise of “no show” goes right out the window.

The good news is that you can get both low-cut and ultra low-cut no show socks in a great variety of colors and prints in both types. When you shop from the right vendor, you will also find no-show socks that offer other features to keep you cool and comfortable. Sweat-wicking technology, non-slip heel tread to keep your shoes from eating your socks, and easy care instructions are just some of the amenities you’ll find when you shop the right supplier

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