Watches make for excellent gifts. They come in all different sizes, shapes and styles, and there are so many varieties that it’s always possible to find a watch to suit your budget.

There are, however, certain restrictions on when and for what reason you should give a watch. Most people aren’t even aware of these restrictions, as they refer to societal customs and traditions which have largely been forgotten in favour of pop culture and consumerism. But one of the reasons watches make such good presents is that they belong to another age, and it’s therefore rather charming when the traditions of those ages are observed alongside the giving of a watch as a gift.

Know Your Local Customs

A watch may seem like a good gift idea to you, but depending on where you live the recipient may have very a very different take on the matter. In most Western nations, watches can be given as gifts without any consideration for superstitions. But in many Eastern nations, presenting a watch to somebody is seen as very bad luck, because they symbolise time running out for both relationships and life. This is particular true in China because, in Cantonese, the phrase “give clock” sounds very familiar to the word for “funeral”.

Make it Personal

If you’ve decided to give a watch as a gift but are unsure as to how well it will be received, you needn’t worry too much as long as you’ve made sure to pick the most thoughtful timepiece possible. Knowing the recipient’s tastes and preferences will help you to choose from the wide variety of watches on offer, both online and on the high street. Another great way to ensure that the watch you give will be treasured is to get it engraved. Online retailers like Tarratt offer engraving as part of their service.

Gauge the Occasion

Not all occasions are appropriate for the giving of a watch. For some, it’s because of a negative association with the time – immediately after the death of a loved one, for example. On other occasions, such as a wedding, a watch simply isn’t suitable.

There are many occasions, however, when a watch is the perfect gift to give. When a person is passing from one positive stage of their life into the next – a graduation or retirement, for example – then a watch is a great way to commemorate this achievement.


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