Accessories add the finishing touches to already great outfits. The details can make the look or break the look depending on what they are and how you wear them. Fantastic jewelry and shoes help transition between the office and nightlife. Additionally, accessories can extend your travel wardrobe. The following list suggests perfect additions for your look this year.

1. Beautiful Necklaces

Statement necklaces are all about fashion. A basic t-shirt will take on a new dimension with the perfect pendant. A black tunic goes from pretty to smashing with a diamond necklace from a Michael Hill, for example. By teaming up your favorite dress with gold and gems, you can really rock your style!

2. Charms and Stacked Rings

Charm bracelets provide a fun way to add a lively and sentimental touch to fashion favorites. A yellow-gold, silver, or leather band provides the loop for your wrist. Continue to add new charms over time, capturing life events with this chic accessory. Stacked bracelets and rings are also playful and lively additions.

3. Scarves

A sensational scarf is another wonderful wardrobe addition. From silk to knit, scarves bridge the seasonal weather changes with the utmost in style. Colorful summer ‘kites,’ hand-knit ascots and shawls are traditional yet trendy. Moreover, there are many ways to tie a scarf to give a polished touch to your favorite jacket or blouse.

4. Sophisticated Watches

Not only are watches popular this year, they are extremely practical. While rushing around at work, or scrabbling to get to your lunch appointment on time, a sophisticated watch adds glamor and punch to your favorite look.

5. A Large Bag

A large tote or painted bag is another cool way to add drama to an otherwise plain ensemble. Tote bags are practical around the clock and bring upbeat style to everyday looks. The oversized bag is back this year in, say…bright orange and trimmed with retro fringe.

6. Sashes and Belts

Sashes and belts are useful and stylish.Get more mileage out of wardrobe basics with thin belts or a woven sash. Transform your basic sheath with runway sophistication.

7. Sweaters and Jackets

A double-breasted waist length jacket or a cute cashmere cardigan will move your look from day to night with elegance.

8. Strappy Heels

High heels with straps and buckles of all sizes and shapes are back and more exotic than ever. While they may not be the most practical accessories to hit the sales-floor, they look sensational with pencil-thin shirts and femme-fetal stockings.

9. Boots with a Kick

Boots are made for more than walking. This year’s boots come in a variety of colors, lengths (ankle length to knee-high), designs and looks. From fuzzy tweed to tie-up laces, why not round out your favorite combination with a truly fabulous pair of boots!

10. The Final Statement

Finally, add on a magnificent pair of shades or a hat that highlights your eyes. The accessories that are trending this year range from glamorous to celebrity chic. So start playing and have fun with this year’s exciting new trends!


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