If you are serious about your clothes, then a well-designed wardrobe is essential, regardless of how much space you have. Here are some design ideas to ensure that your favourite clothes are organised and easy to reach so that you can be ready for any occasion in no time.


Shelves for shoes

If you are like most fashionistas, then you probably have an impressive shoe collection to showcase. This can be easily achieved with attractive shelving or cubby holes. This makes sure that shoes can be seen readily so that you can more easily match them to the rest of your outfits for the day.


Walk-in dream

The ultimate closet for a fashionista is the walk-in closet with dressing area. This provides a private place in which to prepare to look your best. A comfortable chair or love seat adds comfort by providing a space to sit while putting on shoes, stockings, etc. To make the most of your space, consider an upholstered ottoman or bench that has storage space within. Lighting is very important in walk-in closets. After all, you need to be able to see your clothing well and make the best use of mirrors. Your walk-in closet may have a window to let in natural light. If you are getting dressed during certain times of the day, you may experience a glare on mirrors. Fashionable elm shutters will allow you to control the light so that you can get dressed in comfort and get a true picture of how you look.


Sliding doors

Sliding doors can make it much easier to create a fantastic wardrobe space in a room in which regular doors would be impossible. For the best of both worlds, try adding mirrors on one or even both sides. This can give the illusion of space as well as help you see yourself and your outfits.


Small spaces

Small spaces might be well served with closets that go from floor to ceiling. This ensures that you are using all your space that is available as efficiently as possible. Rods for hanging clothes can be installed in pairs so that you can hang more. Just remember to put clothing you use less often on the back rod.



If you have enough space for a walk-in closet, then you might consider adding a makeup mirror, table, and chairs. Make sure you add excellent lighting. This will give you a space to do your hair and apply makeup that is not in your bathroom, where you might be more likely to be disturbed.


Claiming your space

A fabulous space for your wardrobe is all about organisation and privacy more than size. While a larger space for your wardrobe might be desirable, it is very possible to make even small spaces showcase your clothing and help you find what you need quickly and easily. Take a minute and consider what works best with the space you have, and then add your own personal touch.

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