Physically speaking, most of the girls are good-looking and six feet tall with a great figure. The girls who are not good-looking can make themselves look good by using the right tools and make-up. Those who don’t have the perfect figure would do anything to be in right shape and those who are not six feet, will be even more confident than the rest. Whether or not you possess everything that you need to be a model will only be decided by the amount of confidence and the attitude you carry.

  • 36-24-36: Just a figure. Most of the famous models are small breasted and pretty thin. Be it Keira Knightley, Natalie Portman, Kate Moss or Gisele Bundchen, these supermodels have made it big with small assets. Having big assets won’t fetch you good modeling projects always; though it may work for specialized modeling like lingerie modeling or catalogue modeling. A designer’s couture decides a model’s body type and structure. So never give up modeling if you THINK you do not possess the right assets. Small is Big.
  • First Things First: Get a portfolio done. A portfolio will always speak more than you. If you decide today that you want to be a model, you know you would need a portfolio. This doesn’t mean tomorrow you get yourself a smashing portfolio. You need to think how much you would pay for creating your portfolio and what will it fetch you in return. Because good portfolios always come at a BIG price and if done the correct way, always gets you the right price. Start clicking your pictures with a basic camera first and watch out for any flaws. Do this for at least for 2-3 months and in the meantime keep working on your imperfections. Once you are ready to get clicked for perfection; is the exact time you should get a portfolio done.
  • Photographer: Deciding on a photographer is a very tricky job. Take help from someone who is already in the glamour industry. If you do not know any top-notch photographers, it’s okay. Try searching for online photographers. However, you need to first research if the online people are genuine. Go through the portfolios they have created and accordingly decide. Also try out the local photo studios and check quality for a good portfolio images. Choosing the right photographer will help you discover a different you. Accurately composed pictures and defining the right features of you will bring in the fitted projects.
  • Agencies: Modeling agencies will scrutinize your portfolio, your confidence, your willingness and most importantly your abilities to be a super model. These agencies supply small and big assignments to all the upcoming models. Never say NO to small projects because you learn something or the other from all small jobs. Firstly small projects will fetch you good money and experience. You will get out of initial awkwardness and nervousness in the first few projects. So once you are fully ready to walk the ramp, start opting bigger projects. There should be no looking back after that.

Quick Tips:

  • Co-operate with photographers.
  • Do not pay extra money to modeling agencies.
  • Be polite to everyone even when you are a successful model.
  • Avoid spending too much time on cell phones during photo shoots.
  • Avoid fake boobs.

The article is written by Andrew Akash for Kerri Leigh a  Model, Actress, Singer & Dancer


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