As one season goes and another one comes it gives individuals the perfect opportunity to update their look with the latest trends. At present everyone is putting away their shorts and t-shirts and updating their winter wardrobe. This article aims to give you a helping hand with that by revealing the top looks in womens fashion clothes for the autumn/winter period.

The colour to go for this coming season is definitely blue. The great thing about this colour is that it is extremely versatile. There are so many different shades of blue available; this means that there is something to suit all hair colours, skin tones and styles. A striking cobalt blue is a great way to add some life and energy into an outfit. If you are daring enough and like to stand out from the crowd then go for a striking pair of trousers or even a jumpsuit in the electric blue shade.

The colour of the season has been established, and now it’s time for the top material of autumn/winter to be revealed; leather. A leather garment is a fantastic way to add a dominant, edgy and bold vibe to any look. It is something that featured frequently throughout the A/W 2012 fashion weeks, designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Lanvin, JW Anderson, Yves Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, used it in their looks. Rock a leather t-shirt if you’re looking to glam up a casual look, alternatively go for a leather pencil skirt when seeking something for a more formal occasion.

In addition to the points mentioned thus far, the military look is another one which has come back into fashion. This is the perfect trend for laid back style. Opt for a pair of khaki trousers or an army patterned jacket to emulate this popular trend. It is recommendable to opt for a sleek and striking style of hair and make-up when going for this look. A slick of red lipstick and polka straight hair is a great choice.

Intriguing and innovative retro patterns have very much come to the forefront of womens fashion clothes as well as of late. Loud dresses find a way for individuals to express themselves and make a statement. These patterned garments differ extensively from the subtle to the elaborate. Which one you opt for simply depends on you and your fashion taste.

And finally, the floral trend is something which is also bang in fashion at the moment. It is a look which featured in the A/W collections of the likes of Preen, Jil Sander, Alexander McQueen and Dior. There are various ways in which you can channel this look. You can opt for a floral blouse, a floral scarf, a t-shirt with a flower motif or a pair of floral patterned shorts… the list is endless!

So there you have it; if you are looking for new ways in which to update your wardrobe and reinvent your look over the coming season then you should definitely consider the options raised in this article. Remember to adapt the trends to your personal style and to stay true to yourself!

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