Fashion trends are never stable. What’s in today may not be tomorrow. And since human nature is itself subject to change, it’s easy for people to easily accept the newest styles. Trendsetters, who are usually celebrities and fashion icons, bring new looks and styles in the industry. Other people follow. That’s how trends work.

Let’s take luxury pendants, for example. From August 2016 to July 2017, the demand for them is highly unstable. It reached the peak in November 2016 but dropped to the lowest in just three months. And for the next seven months, it is not showing any signs of getting back to the top.

 Luxury pendants

So what’s the trending pendants for teens this year?

Rebel Gems

Sleek and contemporary, rebel pendants leave a powerful impact. They have caught the attention of fashion icons like Phillip Lim and Marc Jacobs. Usually, these are paired with pyramid-studded earrings and metal necklaces. Michelle Williams and Sofia Coppola have both been seen wearing such pendants. Summon your inner rebel and sport one of these pendants yourself.

Minimal Pendant

Minimalism has been considered as the supreme style in the 20th and the 21st century. Its influence can be seen in visual arts, especially in architecture. However, it has not missed leaving an impression on the fashion world as well. In an industry where the avant-garde is considered normal, seeing minimalist designs is sometimes shocking. However, minimal pendants are common among teens. They are simple and can be worn anywhere.

Mineral Pendants

The 2017 Spring/Summer runways have introduced necklaces with mineral slices and raw stones. Usually, these pendants are big, bizarre, and just off-the-wall, so you can’t miss them. They have been fused in Christopher Kane and Johnny Coca shows. Loewe, who is under Jonathan Anderson’s tutelage, offers pendant hanging from leather ropes and shaped like bats. Hermes has shown cool eye-shaped mineral pendant. Channel has their own design of crystal pendant. Lastly, Givenchy shows giant stone pendants hanging from chains. These pendants are perfect for teenagers who want all the attention to themselves.

Cross Pendants

Religion is a sensitive topic, so it’s not common to see symbols with religious connotation kick off. However, this is not the case with cross pendants. The cross is an important symbol among Christians. But in the fashion world, both those who are Christians and those who are not find themselves wearing cross pendants. These have definitely climbed the top trends in the Spring/Summer 2017. Dsquared2 shows killer cross pendants hanging from collar necklaces and chunky chains. Fenty x Puma also has bronze crosses hanging from pearl chains.


If you want to be on trend, you can choose one of the abovementioned pendants. Step up your fashion game and pick one that matches your style. If your wardrobe is largely made of simple, modest clothes, you can go for minimalist and cross pendants. On the other hand, if your style is more on edge and dark, you can go for rebels. If you are one of those few people who stand out from the crowd with avant-garde clothing, sport mineral pendants.

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