For years we have been used to purchasing the same types of rings for our big day, with most deriving in either gold or silver. However, over recent times this has changed somewhat, with a different type of material entering the market. Previously, titanium may have been associated with something as random as golf clubs, but now don’t be surprised to see this being purchased as a wedding ring.

The reasons are few and far between – but this isn’t some sort of mysterious fad. There are some major factors while titanium rings are hitting the wedding ring market with such force, as we analyse this in further detail.

Titanium rings for women don’t have ever to be removed from your finger – they’re hugely durable

After a decade or so of wearing the same gold or silver ring, it goes without saying that they start to feel the years. While these are still hugely durable materials, they are nothing when compared to titanium. This is a material which can withstand practically any condition and it doesn’t matter what you do for a living, or what your hands regularly come into contact with, titanium will survive the test of time. Forget corrosion, forget colour changes – this is one of the most durable metals you will see. In other words, it never needs to leave your prized finger.

Durability doesn’t come at a style cost

Initially, one may have been correct in stating that titanium wasn’t as stylish as the likes of gold and silver. While it will never hold the same “wow factor” as the above two materials, it can be manipulated into a whole host of designs now. Gemstones are regularly implanted within it, while it’s also not been unheard of for gold to be implemented in the same way. You only have to take a look at some of these titanium rings for women to see just how varied, and ultimately sophisticated, designs can now be.

Forget the allergies

It’s probably a woman’s biggest nightmare, but it hasn’t been unheard of for some people to be allergic to gold and silver in a way that prompts terrible rashes. Ultimately, it means that they cannot wear the most important piece of jewellery in their life.

Suffice to say, this doesn’t occur with titanium. It’s biocompatible with practically every type of human skin out there and if you do suffer any ill effects after wearing it, you will have been one of the first to do so.

It’s now a market favourite

All of the above benefits mean that titanium rings are soaring in popularity. Several years ago few establishments would have stocked them, but now they are available in umpteen stores. Additionally, it won’t be a surprise to hear that these rings are much cheaper than gold or silver versions – simply because the production process is much simpler and titanium can be found naturally without needing to be prepared via any complicated means.

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