When winter comes, everybody goes looking for the hidden coat. If you have used your coat for several past winters, it is probably worn out, smaller and it might not serve you well this time round. This means that you have to go shopping for a new coat. Choosing the right winter coat is a crucial decision considering the fact that you will not only use it this winter but also you will need it in times to come. The following are the top 5 tips on choosing a winter coat.

Choose a coat that will provide warmth
If you live in an area where temperatures fall way below freezing point, you may want to have a coat that will insulate you properly. If you are more concerned about functionality and not so bothered about fashion, a goose down coat could be your best choice. In fact, these types of coats have become more stylish over the year. The coat will protect you throughout the seasons by ensuring that you remain warm. If you are looking for a coat which you can wear to work, you should find a coat that is not only warm but also stylish. A good example of such a coat is cashmere coat.

Choose a coat that is of the right size
Choosing a winter coat is not the same as choosing any other type of clothing. During winter, you are likely to be wearing other clothing and there you will have swelled up. Therefore, when selecting a winter coat, choose one that is a little bit bigger than you normal size. If you buy the coat during a warm season, you might be tempted to buy a fitting coat but you will realize that it is small when you wear it on top of other types of clothing.

Consider the number of pockets that you’ll use in a coat
Make sure that the coat you choose has all the pockets that you need. For example, if you need a coat that can hold your belongings, you should look for a coat that has deep pockets. Also ensure that the coat you choose has well positioned side pockets where you can pocket when your hands feel cold.

Do you have pets at home?
If you have pets at home, they may dictate the type and color of coat you buy. This is because some pets have the tendency to shed hair and for this reason if you buy a coat that attracts hair, then you will be walking with so much pet’s hair on your coat. You can also reduce the visibility of the pet’s hair by choosing a coat that is of the same color as the pet. For example, if you dog is black, it would help if you bought a black coat as the dogs hairs will not be very visible.

The cost of the coat
Winter coats come in different styles, designs, sizes, colors and they also come at different prices. Considering the fact that you will use that coat for many years, it won’t hurt so much if you spent a little more to ensure that you get a very high quality coat. Remember that you will be wearing this coat almost every day during the winter and eventually people will begin to associate you with the coat i.e. every time they see the coat, they know that it’s you!


Article inspired by: All Sewn up Embroidery

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