When diamond is cut and designed into some shape, there is a possibility it might get some scratches on it. The diamond piece which has the lowest number of scratches on it is the best. The scratch less clear diamond is expensive, brighter and shiner. The grading according to clarity is based on flawless diamonds, internally flawless diamonds and imperfect diamonds.

Another factor that determines a buying characteristic for a diamond necklace is the weight of the diamond(s) in the necklace. The weight is measured in carats normally by the jewelers. Carats determine the larger portion of the price tag. Big diamonds are difficult to find than the smaller ones. More number of carats a diamond necklace has, the more expensive it will be.

Before buying a diamond necklace, look for all the above four mentioned qualities in the diamond necklace. Then once you have checked all of them, look at your budget as well. Don’t go for the diamond necklace which puts a strain on your wallet.

You can use above mentioned tips while buying diamond rings too.

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