Just because you’re a professional makeup artist doesn’t mean you can run the show. As in any profession, there are dos and don’ts in the makeup industry. Here are three things makeup artists should never do while on the job.

Arrive late. Countless people rely on makeup artists to do their job before the show can begin. Whether it is for a wedding, a fashion shoot, or a television show, a makeup artist should never be late to work. Arriving late on the job is unprofessional and can ruin your reputation as an artist. Instead, arrive on time and make sure you’re prepared. This means you have your tools and station ready so that you can begin working the moment your client arrives.

Have an attitude. Your attitude makes a big difference in the beauty industry. No one wants to work with a rude makeup artist, even if he or she has taken makeup classes at the best school in the world. Instead, check your attitude at the door and be friendly, courteous, and professional at all times. As mentioned above, this is a reputation killer and can hinder your success as a makeup artist.

Get in the way. A makeup artist works on set with many other professionals, from photographers to directors to stylists and other actors. A professional makeup artist will setup their station away from the rest of the crowd and make sure that they are never in the way of other professionals. Whether you’ve attending special FX makeup school or fashion makeup school, it’s important to arrive on time, have a good attitude, and stay out of the way.

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