The warm air, sunny skies, and long days are sure signs that summer is here. With the season comes the need for a warm-weather overhaul of your closet, and summer dresses are the perfect way to enjoy this balmy time of year. Here are some of the hottest looks you may want to tap into when expanding your collection of summer wear.

Rock the Whites

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day is the traditional time when the whites come out, although that fashion rule doesn’t hold much sway today. Still, there is something about the look of pure white when worn against a sun-bronzed body that really evokes the season. And because the color white brings to mind coolness and comfort, it is ideal for this time of year. White summer dresses pair well with rhinestone accessories or turquoise jewelry. Choose one with a short hemline, a figure-flattering cut, and a scooped neckline for a fun summertime look. However, you may not want to wear it to a back yard barbecue, just in case things get messy!


Nudes Are Now

All over the fashion runways and red carpet events, celebrities are rocking the nudes. These varied skin-tone shades work perfectly with metallic touches such as copper and gold, and they look great on just about any complexion and hair color. Plus, knee-length nude summer dresses are ideal for wearing with strappy sandals or ropy wedges. Any dress with glittery elements will appear all the more dressy because of those additional embellishments. You can even add animal-print accessories such as bangle bracelets or necklaces.

Maxi Flair

Long “maxi” dresses go all the way to the ground and are touted for their comfort. They elongate the look of any body shape and bring a fluttery quality to a summertime strut. These days, a great way to up the seasonal ante on maxi dresses is to buy those that include a tropical or floral print. Designs that are heavier on the bottom of the skirt and lightening toward the waist are particularly popular. They can be strappy on the bodice or even strapless, depending on your personal style. For footwear, you will want to choose a flat, usually a sparkly sandal, embellish flip-flop, or rustic espadrille.

No matter what your personal fashion style, summer dresses are an awesome way to portray your warm-weather personality. The hottest looks combine comfort with popular patterns, designs, and materials. Don’t be afraid to add many dresses to your closet dress when you are crafting the wardrobe that will see you through this fun season.

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