Well, I guess it is pretty safe to say that winter is well and truly here. Jon Snow from Game of Thrones has been warning us long enough that it is coming, and sure enough here it is! Seriously though, it is getting pretty chilly out there, so it is important to take measures to ensure you are cosy, whether you are heading out, or just lazing about the house. Here listed are some top tips you can follow to make sure you remain toasty this winter.

Headed Out ? Here’s What To Do:

You can do some really simple things, if you simply have to head out in to the cold, to make sure you stay warm. Don a hat first and foremost, as an awful lot of your body heat is lost through your head. A scarf is also a great idea – not just for fashion purposes, but to keep that frosty breeze at bay. Protecting the extremities is a good idea also, so get yourself a good pair of gloves. And dress in layers, rather than one heavy item of clothing. Layers trap air between them, which in turn heats up, keeping you warmer.

Staying Home? There’s Nothing Cosier Than A Hoody!

If you are staying home, it’s pretty easy to whack the heating up full blast, or put on a roaring fire. These are lovely touches, but sometimes you just need that one extra additional item to really finish off that cosy sensation. Why not get a thick women’s hoodie to keep you warm? There is nothing quite like a hoodie for that secure and cosy feeling. Just pull up the hood, pull the strings tight, and pop your hands into the pocket over your belly – perfect!

At Bed Time – Blankets or Bottle?

It really comes down to personal taste on this one, as some people prefer a hot water bottle to an electric blanket. And both come with their own merits. However, there is more potential for scalds with the hot water bottle, and an electric blanket has the better area coverage, heat wise. Of course, it is not without it faults also, and heating your bed in this manner usually means that, as soon as the electric blanket is switched off, the bed starts to cool, rapidly. It may also be a good idea to throw a thick blanket onto the bed for the winter months, or even in between your duvet and sheets – remember it is all about creating layers!

Avoid the Booze:

One of the absolute classic ways that people use down through the years, is the consumption of drinks like hot whiskey or port. And while it may feel a little warming sensation wise, would you be surprised to learn that alcohol actually lowers your core temperature? A plain warm drink on it own will have the opposite effect, so just avoid spiking that drink to remain warm!

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