There are thousands upon thousands of bingo lovers around the world, whether they love playing the traditional game of bingo in bingo halls and clubs, or whether they prefer the exciting and fun-filled bingo games found online. But, believe it or not, we ordinary individuals are not the only ones who love playing bingo – celebrities do, too! In fact, there are some notable celebrities who are also famous for their love of the game, and this includes top-rated actresses like Catherine Zeta-Jones and Courteney Cox and award-winning actors like Russell Crowe.

There are other celebrities, however, whom you’d be surprised to know also love playing the game of bingo. Here’s a list of top celebrities you didn’t know loved playing bingo as well:

Paris Hilton

Aside from attending the coolest parties and social events, hotel heiress and socialite (and erstwhile reality television star) Paris Hilton enjoys the game of bingo, too. In fact, the blonde and beautiful socialite has agreed to become the face of a leading bingo site. With her endorsement, many more individuals can be introduced to the wonder and excitement of playing bingo, especially the younger, hipper crowd.

Barack Obama

The former President of the United States, Barack Obama, is a charmer in his own right. But did you know that he is also a fan of bingo and loves to play it whenever he has free time? In fact, the President was probably introduced to it by his very own step-mother, who reportedly loves playing bingo. Being introduced to the game of bingo at a young age has certainly induced some warm feelings and memories for the popular President.

David Hasselhoff

This popular actor of the television series Baywatch and respected singer (especially during the toppling of the Berlin Wall) has definitely been associated with the game of bingo. He recently had a stint in Bongo’s Bingo – as a bingo caller, no less. The bingo-playing crowd was a remarkable 700-strong, and Mr. Hasselhoff managed to entertain them all and pull off his bingo-calling talent at the event.

The Queen

The royal family of England has been proven to enjoy the game of bingo – especially when it comes to the Queen. In fact, Her Royal Highness has been known to host bingo games in private family gatherings, and her grandson seems to have inherited the love of the game as well. Prince William, whilst at the Sandhurst military academy, was often seen frequenting a nearby bingo hall with his friends.

So the next time you enjoy a game of bingo – whether it’s online or at a bingo club or hall – don’t forget to check the crowd. Who knows, you might be playing with a celebrity and you don’t even know it!

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