Louis the 14th wore heels that were specially made for him. (the most famous man to wear them, probably, although they have been worn a fair amount by men since-platform shoes in the 1970’s for example) However, when the French Revolution came about and high heels were a sign of belonging to the now-despised upper class they began to fall out of favour in France in particular (and also a bit in other countries as well at the time) Although they did get more popular from the 1860’s onwards.

In modern society, heels started to become well-considered around the time of Ginger Rogers who popularised them greatly, although due to the onset of World War 2 heels tended to saty high and thick because of rationing and shortages. After the war, heels became far more popular and Roger Vivier/Christian Dior did a lot to make them available by creating the first stiletto in 1953. Femisnism made stilletos less popular and platforms more so, but this changed when feminism lost its momentum somewhat in the 1980’s.

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