Men’s Hiking Boots

The most noticeable differences between men and women’s hiking boots is that men’s are usually larger, weigh more, have higher ankle support and come in earth tones. Men’s hiking boots are made or larger lasts, because men’s feet tend to be bigger! And because men’s feet are wider and less flexible than women’s, they need additional ankle support to prevent injury.

Women’s Hiking Boots

Women have a narrower heel, shorter foot, and less cartilage between the foot bones. In addition, women’s joints and ligaments are softer and more flexible, which means women require less ankle support than men. However women do need extra support to help their feet withstand the stress that’s placed upon the feet whilst hiking, and women also tend to have higher arches than men, so women’s hiking shoes usually have stiffer mid sole and enhanced arch supports. Women’s hiking boots also tend to come in more varied colours than men’s!

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