Surf’s up, dude! For those of us blessed enough to have caught some waves before, getting the ocean off our minds can be darn near impossible. Surfing is an addiction. Surfing is a lifestyle. However, no one can stay in the water 24/7. Many have “real” life to attend to.

So while spending time out of the water, why not learn a little about the history of surfing? Everyone wants to know about some of the best surf spots throughout the world. Not to mention getting the best surfing gear before catching the next wave is important.


The History of Surfing

Surfing has been around for centuries. According to legend, Hawaiians have been surfing for hundreds of years. The first European to note their sport was Captain James Cook in 1779. From there, surfing spread throughout the globe. However, the popularity of the sport did not take off for some time.

Surfing started to take off in the 1970s as the hippie culture in California brought the sport into the mainstream. These days surfing is one of the most popular sports in the world. People surf all over the world. Many individuals dedicate their lives to finding the best waves each and every day.

5 Famous Surf Spots

With any popular sport, you will find “meccas” all around the globe. For instance, New York City is known as the mecca of the basketball world because it is home to Madison Square Garden. For surfers, there are certain cities that surf culture has taken over. Typically, these cities become known for the surf. Some of these surf cities include:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii

How could one leave the birthplace of surfing off the famous surf spots list? It is impossible. All the Hawaiian Islands could be considered famous surf spots, but Honolulu takes the top spot because of the great population and amazing waves almost year round. If you’re looking to find the perfect famous surf spot for your next vacation, then Hawaii is the place to start.

  • Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a mecca of culture for almost anything you could think of. So when surfing is on the mind, LA should be, too. You can find some of the best waves in the world during certain months in California. Just remember to wear your wetsuit—there can be cold waters in Cali. Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Santa Monica are all good places to start.

  • The Gold Coast, Australia

Known for having some of the best waves in the world and very few crowds, the Gold Coast in Australia is a mecca for surfers. If the surf is your only objective, then this spot will never let you down. Just watch out for the sharks. Australia can be a dangerous place to surf. However, with advances in safety protocol, you should have little to worry about.

  • Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Known as Mexico’s most famous surf spot, Puerto Escondido is filled with Latin culture and fantastic waves. The low cost of living and amazing scenery have made this spot popular on the international surfing trail. You may be competing with backpacking, beach bums for waves, but it’ll be worth.

  • San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Backpacking and surfing tend to go hand in hand. Many surfers have fallen in love with the variety of high-quality waves available in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The whole town is based on sun and surf.

Great Swim Trunks For Surfing

There are some amazing surf cities throughout the world. What about great gear for surfing? Sure, everyone needs a surfboard, but one item always gets overlooked. And this accessory can make all the difference.

Let’s discuss swim trunks. The right type of trunks will make your surf experience so much better. If you wear the wrong swim attire, surfing could be difficult or awkward. Enter Projek Raw swim trunks.

Projek Raw offers swim trunks tailor-made for surfing. The trunks are not too short, but not too long. This ensures no awkward situations in the water while no one wearing them will look out of style out of the water.

The trunks from Projek Raw also offer a perfect fit. This allows their trunks to bend and stretch so that surfers can focus on catching waves—a key advantage while in the water.

Projek Raw in the Water

When the time comes to catch some waves and hang ten, it is time to get a pair of Projek Raw swim trunks. The quality of their swim attire is second to none. Surfers know Projek Raw makes trunks for wave riders the minute they first try them on. So before you paddle out to the break – make sure Projek Raw is your swim trunk of choice. Cheers to your next big wave!

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