Surfer necklaces are made from many materials, most of them from nature. They could be constructed using leather, hemp, shells, beads or a combination of these. They are not too long and are usually just a bit bigger than the neck, like a choker, so that they can withstand the waves and avoid being caught in the waves or other beach activities. The necklace would also go well with a pendant. These necklaces were traditionally worn by surfers but later on they spread among beach bums and occasional beach goers. The necklaces are believed to symbolize the culture, style and belief of every surfer.

When purchasing anything, it is important to examine for quality and only choose those that could withstand wear and tear. Hemp, leather and waxed cord are the common materials that shape the surfers’ neck. The quality of the finished product depends on the raw materials which they come from. Hemp is the sturdiest yet the least comfortable to wear. Leather can be used regularly but they do not look like natural materials at all. It gives the necklace a different feel. Waxed cord is the finest thread and it is very comfortable. The materials are eventually coated with wax to minimize daily tear of the material.

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