Just because the weather gets hotter during the summer, it doesn’t mean your style has to slip. We look at the best summer suit options for guys, to keep them cool and stylish in the heat.

Lighter fabrics

A heavy wool suit is great in winter when it is cold outside, but hellish in summer especially on public transport such as the tube. For the summer months invest in some light weight breathable fabric suits to stop you getting hot and stuffy. Light linen and light mohair wool blends are great because they are light weight and breathable, perfect for the hotter months of the year. You don’t have to spend a fortune either on these summer suits, Zara and Mango have great summer suits on offer.


Light summer colours

As well as lighter fabrics you shouldn’t stick to black all year round, mix up your wardrobe with lighter summer suits. Look for light greys and blues or soft stone colours, pastel colours are also a great option. Neutrals are a great choice and can work with a smart or casual suit styles.

Less layers

3 piece suit in the summer, no way! Light shirts or t-shirts and a lightweight blazer will be all you need, but if you want to wear a waistcoat then leave out the jacket.


Flash the ankles

Going without socks might scare some, but flashing your ankles (only about an inch or so) in a well-tailored suit with some stylish loafers is a top trend this summer. Don’t worry about the shoes rubbing by going sockless, if you’re having trouble with rubbing there are plenty of options. Invest in some invisible, footlet or shoe liner socks. You can find them in the men’s department and these will save your feet from blisters.

No tie no worry

It’s hot and stuffy, why would you want to be tied up with a tie? Too look smart even without the tie, look at getting a great shirt or lightweight shirt and jumper to still look smart with tailored trousers. Taking inspiration from Gucci Resort SS15.

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