Spring’s here. The flowers are out and blooming and it’s finally time to roll out of your cardigans and enjoy some sunlight outside. While you’re at it, you might just do it in style. We were looking for the hottest fashion trends to sport this spring and managed to find some that we are listing down right here – just about in time for you to spring clean your closets and toss out the clothes from last spring that you wouldn’t need this season.

Without further ado, let’s get started with it.

Brightest Colors

This spring is all about donning the most vibrant hues. Pink, in all its shades and glory is a must-have. Don’t shy away from a multi-color closet that is home to the brightest shades of the colors you love most. Think sunshine yellow, Kermit green, electric blue, and a bold red. Wear them all and wear them a lot in the form of demure dresses or crisp blouses; you can even try solid-hued conservative bottoms in bright colors for the perfect juxtaposition.freedom

Something from the Past

This time the fashion trends are exploring the hip epoch of the 80’s. That old-school glamour is back in the form of lustrous fabrics that promise excessive drape volume and high-shine. Unless you know how to tone down ultra-shimmery pieces of outfits with other sober pieces, stick to sequined, high-shine spandex, velour, or lustrous silk outfits for after dark. Don’t forget the flirty hemlines and broad belts nipping the waist.

There’s No Spring without Flowers

Floral prints are obviously back in style. Only this time it’s for the head-to-toe look. Whether you pick an airy, full-length summer dress, a jumpsuit, or a two piece suit – make sure it is completely floral (preferably the same print) from top to bottom. Floral prints have the ability to make any look seem more feminine and dainty, you just need grace to pull the look through without much of a hassle.

Stripes that Make a Statement

Stripes have been in style for quite a while now and they will continue to be so this season as well. With stripes you should be looking for a statement piece. Something that is bold and dominant when compared to the rest of the outfit yet still manages to tie the entire look together, bringing cohesiveness to it. Think of a jacket with bold broad stripes or a bottom with bright stripes paired with a modest blouse and pair of shoes – it’s all about how you make it work.

Mix & Match Your Outfits

Now this is a trend that allows you complete freedom as to how you want to dress. Sometimes mismatched prints and patterns work great when put together into an ensemble, and this is what you should be looking for. You don’t need to go out and purchase a separate piece of clothing to put together a look – work with what you’ve already got and there’s definitely a look stylish enough that you can create.

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That’s all for now – stay tuned for more fun posts by us over the month. Till then, Happy Shopping!

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