Let’s face it, we all love to celebrate birthdays no matter how old or young we are. As soon as we enter in to our birth month we get excited and if it’s the birthday of a loved one we begin to think of numerous ideas to make his/her birthday special. If you are lucky to have some special people in your life who walk an extra mile to make your birthday wonderful, don’t disappoint them at their special day. Confused about what to do that you haven’t done before? Well, send some adorable flowers by post and let them sing the birthday song on your behalf. Flowers you say? Yeah! We know you have had birthday flowers delivered many times, but have you ever send a bouquet that’s made exclusively for your loved one? That reflects his/her personality? That brings the true delight? Here are some floral ideas to woo your loved ones on their birthdays.


Flowers for traditional person
If the birthday girl/boy is well-manned, cultured and family oriented; if they pay for the mishaps, love classic styles, avoid disputes and manage to control their anger, they are quite traditional. Such type of people are attracted by lush, colorful arrangements with different variety of flowers.

Flowers for artistic soul
Does your loved one amaze you with the creative ideas? Does he like to do things no one else do? Is he always ready with optimal solutions? If you nodded in affirmative, the one you are thinking of has an artistic personality. These people are fascinated by uncommonflowers and unique combination of color, shape and texture. Get some new flowers delivered from another city or country and make a distinctive floral arrangement with them.

Flowers for nature-lovers
Those who love nature like to talk to animals, walk on the grass and keep nature rich. They are drawn to bouquets containing lots of greenery and colors. So gather lots of green plants, flowering shrubs, flowers and place them creatively in a wooden container. Keep trying the subtle yet classic of playing up with shapes to make your bouquet extraordinary.You are sure to get appreciation from them.

Flowers for the dramatic people
If your loved one is spontaneous, live in every occasion and do unusual things to grab attention, he has dramatic personality traits. They would be delightfully inspired by bright colors, contemporary flower decoration and artistic vases. New and trendy floral styles and stunning containers are always applauded by them.

Flowers for the romantic
Does that person depicts sensitivity, depth of feelings, affection, meaningful gestures? Does hedeclare the love verbally and acknowledge your wants and needs? These people fall in the romantic category and like to receive adorable bouquet with soft colored flowers and sweet fragrances. Don’t forget to adorn your bouquet with lovely ribbons, dried flowers and bouquet jewelry.

Follow the tips mentioned above, keeping the current trends in mind. Send custom-made bouquet to your special one according to their personality and convey your emotions in this creative way.


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