A red carpet event is one that should be glamorous, elegant and full of excitement. If you’re attending a red carpet event this season you’ll understand how important it is to get your outfit just right. It’s a night where you want to make an impact but there will be hundreds of people to compete with so standing out will be a task in itself. There’s no question that you’ll need a luxury designer dress for the occasion and but you don’t have to head straight to Dior or Chanel. Get online and have a shop around first- you’ll be surprised by what you may find.

Each luxury garment is carefully designed and hand finished so you know that what you receive in your order is the best possible quality. Because red carpet dresses are so unique, it’s also safe to say that you’ll be the only one wearing that dress on the night. There are lots of different styles to choose from and you’ll have an easy time browsing through what’s on offer.

My top five favourite red carpet dresses are listed below:

  1. A Blue and Black long lace fishtail dress is just breath taking and unusual so if the cameras happen to snap a shot of you, they won’t be disappointed. The colours really stand out and the length is perfect for this type of event. It’s definitely one to consider.
  2. The lime green colour that’s so popular this season is just what you need if you want something with a bit of personality. It’s fun and fashionable which makes it red carpet ready. Stick with a long length dress to combine funky with classic.
  3. A two tone dress will get the crowd’s attention. Try nude and black mesh and lace applique dress. The effect almost makes you look nude underneath the lace which will get heads turning only to reveal your body’s beautiful shape and nothing more. It is highly versatile so this dress comes prepared for whatever may happen throughout the night and it will boost your confidence to no end.
  4. A plunge neckline dress is a must for any fashion enthusiast. It has come straight off a runway and everyone who sees you in it will assume you’re an authority on must wear clothing. You may also want to purchase some tape for extra security.
  5. Nude, Sheer and Shell Pinks. You won’t have to look far to find these colours because they are at their height of fashion at the moment and it’s virtually impossible to look bad in them. These colours bring out the natural glow of any skin colour and let’s face it, what could be more girly? It’s perfect for a natural feminine look.

Forever Unique’s red carpet dresses are perfect for red carpet events. I can guarantee you’ll find one (or maybe a few) that are ideal for you! Forever Unique create beautiful dresses for a range of different occasions, including red carpet events. You’ll benefit from free delivery with orders over £100 and free returns if you are unhappy with your items for any reason. Forever Unique make shopping for these events a pleasure!


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