Whether fashion being expressed is trendy or traditional, pearls are a beautiful accompaniment to highlight any fashion sense. Natural pearls shimmer with an opulent beauty and always make a classically sophisticated statement. Since the earliest days of pearl harvesting in India, the South Seas, Japan and Persia, the wearing of pearls has signified that the wearer has a true appreciation of, and a love for nature in all its finery.

Wearing Pearls Has Many Meanings

In the earliest days, wearing pearls was thought to symbolize elements of nature like the moon. They were also believed to be some of the most pure and natural decorative jewels that a person could use to adorn their bodies and to accent their wearable fashions. Pearls were thought to symbolize perfection and harmony in nature, along with purity.

Pearl necklaces were often worn by those who were well to do in society like nobility and royalty. They were used to show that a person was very well off and could afford to showcase the most natural and beautiful jewels like pearls. The idea was always to capture that elusive beauty of nature and to show it off in a dramatic way. Pearls became a prominent symbol of a person’s status. 

Many Choices In Beautiful Pearl Necklaces

There are so many beautiful choices in necklaces like those found through The Pearl Source pearl necklaces. Pearl aficionados can choose from traditional freshwater white or glamorous cream-colored pearls, to more sophisticated black Tahitian South Sea pearl necklaces. There are also stunning pearls which are found in a light caramel color, like Golden South Sea pearls. Making an elegant statement is easy with pretty White South Sea pearls from Australia, or set a new trend with contemporary Akoya pearls from Japan. 

Choices in necklace length can be made from the short 16 inch statement choker length to the 51 inch rope length, which is normally wrapped several times to create a beautiful layering effect. Whether pearls are rare or common, they blend in perfectly with many fashion styles. 

Pearls Today Are Affordable

Whether pearls are used to express love, status or are simply used as a pretty fashion accessory, they are more affordable today than ever before. Wearing beautiful and iconic pearls shows a true appreciation for all that is natural and for everything that symbolizes beauty. 

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