The recent release of the movie, The Bling Ring, which was a true story, made everyone aware that despite their fame, even celebrities can be victimized by burglars and need to protect themselves and their property with high quality home security systems.

The list of celebrities who have been victimized by people who’ve broken into their homes is startling.

Miley Cyrus
It’s difficult to grasp that someone who has only recently celebrated their 21st birthday has been the victim of a home break in, not once, but twice. Authorities believe that the individuals who
helped themselves to Miley’s jewelry and expensive Maserati jumped her fence and entered the house through the garage.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was one of a handful of celebrities who were victimized by the Bling Ring crew. When the group of teenage thieves broke into her home, they were thrilled to get away with over a $100,000 worth of high quality jewelry, far more than Lohan was ever accused of shoplifting.

Kanye West
Appealing to people with nefarious intentions isn’t usually a trait that attracts potential buyers to a property, something Kanye West learned shortly after he listed his $4 million estate. While he was on tour in Europe his team reported that his home security wasn’t as good as they’d hoped. Nothing was reported missing, but there was some property damage.

A sure sign that it’s time to start looking into home security is when you find you’ve attracted the attention of not one, not two, but three different people who want to see the inside of our home and make off with your goodies. Luckily for Rhianna, only one person actually
gained access to the interior of her home. The second made it onto her roof. The third person thought they were breaking into Rhianna’s home but in fact broke into one of her neighbor’s home. Based on history, it sounds like Rhianna’s entire neighborhood needs to update its security.

Sean “Puffy” Combs
Sean Combs is another example of a celebrity with too much experience dealing with break-ins. Not only did his home get broken into in 2001, but the same man made a second successful attempt in 2012 when he not only gained access to the home, but helped himself to Sean Comb’s groceries and bed.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock’s recent experience with a trespasser in her home was truly frightening. Not only did he make it onto her property and was caught lurking in her yard, but she was at home, asleep, at the time. No one knows what would have happened had he managed to get inside the star’s home.

Rachel Bilson
Of all the celebrities in the world, the one who most needs to update their security and bring in some Rottweilers has to be Rachel Bilson. The Bling Ring managed to get inside of her home on five different occasions, a sure sign that her current set-up isn’t any good.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has several homes which means she needs several security systems. While she was touring in England, her Nashville home attracted a great deal of attention when a man attempted to break into it. Luckily her security team was able to stop the pocket knife wielding trespasser but not before he made it past a security gate.

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