Whether you own clothes that don’t fit or you are simply looking to clear out some closet space, it is time for you to look into selling your clothes. While there are plenty of people who donate their clothes to a good charity or who simply throw them away, old clothes can give you a bit of extra cash in your pocket, which is great when you want to go out and buy some replacements! When you are thinking about how to sell your clothes, check out these essential tips.

Inspect Your Clothes
Do not expect to get any cash from clothes that are worn or tattered. When people buy used clothes, they expect the clothes to be in good condition. To make sure that your clothes are worth selling, look at them closely. Are there any stains or marks that will not come out? Are the hems tattered or frayed? Turn the garment inside out, and look for any weak or loose seams. The closer to new your clothes are, the more money you will get for them.

Before you sell your clothing, it is always best to give it a thorough laundering. Not only do clothes look better if you have taken the time to launder them correctly, you’ll also find that people are more drawn to clothes that have a very fresh, like-new smell.

Independent Vending
When you are thinking about selling your clothes, you will get the most money if you are willing to sell it yourself. The most straightforward way to do this is to have a garage sale. A garage sale is a rather large undertaking, but it will allow you to sell other items that you do not need as well as your clothing. Sites like eBay allow you to list your items if you are willing to mail them, but there is a small cost for listings that have pictures. You can also put up an entirely free ad on sites like Craigslist, which allow you to vend your clothing in a more local fashion.

Consignment Shops
When you are not interested in vending your items yourself, it is often worth your while to think about going to a consignment shop. A consignment shop will look over the clothes that you have to offer, and if the clothes are in good condition, they will display them in their shop. A consignment shop takes a small percentage of the sale, but then you will receive money whenever the item is sold. If you are not interested in vending the clothing yourself and if the idea of putting up ads and taking attractive pictures sounds tedious to you, a consignment shop is the way to go.

Vintage Mania
Sometimes, you have clothes that simply look dated. While you might be dubious about getting the right amount of money for something that looks so out of date, don’t forget that there is a rather large number of people who are invested in vintage items, whether because they love to wear them, because they love to craft with them or they like to collect them. Before you start selling your vintage clothing for quarters and dimes, consider consulting with a vintage shop. Alternately, you can also sell your vintage clothing on sites like Etsy.

There is no reason for your old clothes to take up valuable space in your closet. Selling your clothes can put a bit of money in your pocket, so take a moment to think about the clothes that you can sell today. Selling your old clothes is easy, so consider what you could be making right now!

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