In the last couple of years so-called ‘hipster’ eyewear has been all the rage, particularly on the streets of New York, Paris and London. The trend among the fashion-elite and on the high-street has been for chunky, oversized frames made of acetate, usually in a black, brown or tortoise-shell colour. No matter where you look, it seemed that this style of frames – for both sunglasses and glasses – was everywhere, from fashion magazines to your local hipster bars.

But it would seem that a change is on the cars, with a few high-profile trendsetters shunning the oversized hipster frames in favour of an old classic, the aviator. Made popular by the famous Ray Ban sunglasses featured in films like Top Gun, the aviator has been a go-to style choice for decades, but their popularity has waned somewhat in recent years with the rise of the ‘geek chic’ look.

It would seem that the ubiquitous appeal of the chunky, oversize look has some of the trendsetters looking back towards metal frames in gold or silver, wanting to set themselves apart from the crowd and move away from the rather dull acetate frames.

As with anything, the trend can be traced back to the catwalk, with Alessandro Michele debuting a pair of oversized aviators on the 2017 spring runway, which had people talking and desperate to adopt the look. Couple that with the popularity of shows from the 80s and 90s on streaming services such as Netflix, and the result is something of a retro renaissance, from shoes to eyewear and everything in between.

While the Ray Ban version of the aviator will always be popular, boutiques are seeing the biggest demand for aviator frames from Chloe, Gucci and Tom Ford. Their oversized but lightweight frames are incredibly stylish and flattering, and although they’re not the cheapest, they will certainly be in-style for the spring / summer seasons in 2017.

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