On the other end of the eyewear scale, we have the often subdued half-frame. The frames in these specs are often delicate, and call little attention to themselves. They’re not quite invisible, just low-key. Half-frames weren’t quite as wildly prominent as their thicker, gaudier counterparts, but they’re still part of the 2012 trends, and a good alternative.

Thin Square or Rectangular Frames

Thin-framed square glasses also trended throughout 2012, along with thicker-framed square glasses, like wayfarers. Thin, angular frames often convey this sleek, modern look that contrasts against flashier or more retro styles, although you can certainly find the kind of nostalgic brown ‘wood’ frames that give you the best of both worlds.

So that’s it for 2012, a mix of retro, quiet, and attention-catchy styles for all sorts of eyewear purchasers. (In fact, a number of cool pairs of glasses mix multiple trends – round lenses and wild frames, for example.) Most of these styles apply to sunglasses as well as regular glasses, so even if you don’t have a prescription or don’t need to wear glasses all the time, you can still make a fashion statement. We’ll see what 2013 has in store. I’ll expect some more of the same, since retro’s been a thing for years, but probably some surprises as well. Will wild frames remain in style or get wilder? Will aviators ever drop off the map, ever? We’ll see!

This post was written by Simon from higherclick.com on behalf of their client Macys.com

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