So we’re skirting the end of 2012, and with every year come new fashion trends. Glasses and sunglasses are no exception. Below are some of the hipper new trends that surfaced throughout 2012. These are all consistent general year-round styles. Some variations might have surfaced in spring, and some in fall, but we’ve seen these trends a lot, month to month!


Round glasses are definitely in. Oh, there are different kinds of round glasses, sure. Some have thin frames and some have bulky frames, sometimes frames so bulky that they resemble sunbursts. Some range a bit more oval, while some are delicate perfect circles, and some much broader perfect circles. One thing’s for certain. 2012 was a year to look good in round specs.


Aviator glasses and sunglasses have been in style for decades, and this decade is no different. These wide-lensed glasses with their thin frames and usually tinted glass have been enigmatic and cool since the 1960s. 2012 has trended a little retro in general, but is it really retro if it’s always hip?

Thick Bright or Patterned Frames

It’s a good year to be daring with your frames, and it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. We have neon-bright yellow frames for men and classic blocky tortoiseshell for women. We have red frames in the shape of hearts and bold white frames that have wings sticking out of them. 2012 is a good time to embrace your inner Elton John or Lady Gaga and pick out some courageous glasses or sunglasses.

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