You’re a man that cares about your appearance. Do you have all the necessary tools in your arsenal to keep yourself looking good? If the only thing you have to care for the skin on your face is a bar of soap, then it’s time to invest in a few good skincare products. Here’s a list of everything you should own to keep your skin smooth and blemish- and wrinkle-free.



The skin on your face is especially sensitive, and it deserves a cleanser made specifically for it. A mild facial cleanser will keep your face clean without drying it out too much. If you’re prone to acne, get a facial cleanser with anti-acne components.



If you want to prevent wrinkles as you get older, wearing sunscreen is one of the best things you can do. And it’s not only important to wear sunscreen in the summer – you should wear it all year long – at least 15 SPF. Recipe for Men has some good options. Wear it whenever you leave the house, and put it on before any moisturizer.



Moisturizing your face on a regular basis will also help prevent wrinkles as you age. A facial moisturizer will be lighter than moisturizer designed for your body, so it won’t clog your pores and cause breakouts. Allow your sunscreen to soak in for about 20 minutes before applying moisturizer.


Eye Cream

The area around your eyes is very sensitive, so it’s a good idea to use eye cream instead of regular facial moisturizer. Eye cream will help prevent wrinkles, and it will also lessen any puffiness or redness around your eyes. Wear it everyday.


Shaving Cream

A non-foaming shaving cream is a must-have because it will ensure that you get the closest, smoothest shave. If your shaving cream foams too much, it will only clog your razor and prevent the blade from getting as close to the hair as possible.


Aftershave Lotion

Aftershave lotion is also important. When you’re done shaving, your skin is irritated. An aftershave lotion will help calm your skin and prevent razor burn from developing. Regular moisturizer is too heavy to use after shaving, and it will make your face appear too shiny. Get a lotion or balm that’s specifically for after shaving in order to get the best results.



An exfoliator will help remove dead skin cells, and it will keep your skin smooth. You can get a facial cleanser with an exfoliator built in, or you can exfoliate separately. It’s a good idea to exfoliate before shaving to remove dead skin that will clog your razor and get in the way.


Acne Cream

Whether or not you get a lot of pimples, it’s a great idea to keep an acne cream on-hand. Whenever a zit pops up, use your acne cream to attack it at first sight. You may need to experiment with a few different acne creams until you find the one that works best for you.



This might sound a little strange, but concealer isn’t just for women. Go to a professional who can help you find a concealer color that matches your skin tone correctly. Concealer can help you hide blemishes like acne, and it can also cover up dark under-eye circles.


Lip Balm

Finally, don’t forget your lips. Applying a lip balm everyday will keep them smooth. There’s nothing worse than rough lips when you’re trying to kiss your significant other. Better yet, get a lip balm with at least 15 SPF to protect your sensitive lips from the harsh rays of the sun.

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