The birth of a new baby is a special time which ought to be celebrated. For friends and relatives, it’s also the time to give a special gift which both the new parents and the new baby will treasure for years to come.

Some of these gift ideas may well be of a practical nature: changing stations, diaper genies, bottles, breast pumps, cribs and car seats. But these are more for the benefit of the parents than they are of the child. So if you’re thinking about getting a gift for the child themselves, it might be best to step outside of practicality and choose something that will hold value for years to come.

Embroidered Linens

All babies require soft and pleasant sleeping environments. Putting blankets in with a newborn has been discourage, as they present a choking hazard. But this doesn’t mean you can’t purchase blankets or linens as a gift for the child to use when they’re a little older. Embroidered linens are a perfect present which will retain meaning and personal value over time. When the child is young they can use them in bed and when they’re older they can keep them as treasures, and eventually pass them down to their own children.

Charm Bracelets and Charms

Charm bracelets are the perfect luxury gift idea for relatives, who can say with certainty that they will be in a child’s life for many years to come after their arrival. The bracelet and first charm can be presented after the new baby is born, and another charm added every year to mark each of the child’s birthdays. Beautiful charms are in abundance online and can be purchased in many different styles, from cute and fun to simple and elegant. have loads of great ideas for charms which will help you get started with your perfect present.

Commissioned Artwork

Beautiful art is a gift which keeps on giving. But artwork can be made so much more valuable to the individual if it’s made for them especially. Commissioning artwork can often be expensive, but a portrait of the new baby and their proud parents and siblings – if any – will be sure to take pride of place in the home. As baby grows up they will be able to keep the artwork as a constant reminder of the love their family has for them. To commission a piece of art, be it in paint, charcoal, pencil or even graffiti spraypaint, you can either go directly to an artist or to one of the many artists agencies in the UK.


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