Almost every individual dream of a perfect wedding ring and when the special time approaches and you have a dazzling wedding ring on your that finger; which softly speaks of your marital status, it becomes very essential to take care of it time to time, to let it shine and sparkle for many years to come.

We know that these rings and bands are not mere pieces of jewelry, but they hold special importance in your life as tons of emotions and sentiments are associated with them. Let us read few points that will help you keep the wedding ring intact and in perfect condition for long.


  1. The most important thing will be to properly check the size of the ring while purchasing it. Our fingers tend to swell and shrink at various times and under certain climatic conditions. So, take help of the expert while selecting the size of the ring. You can take professional advice for the ring size. Various online jewelry stores like provide expert guidance for the same and you can make use of the service for free.2
  2. Do not forget to store it in a dry place and avoid storing it with other jewelry. This can lead to scratches on your diamond jewelry and also on other gemstone jewelry with which it is stored.
  3. Wear the jewelry after you have applied the make-up. If you wear it during make-up application, then various creams, oils and powder can accumulate near the stone and can dull its sparkle.
  4. Clean the jewelry at home at least once a week. Get its settings checked and cleaned by a professional person twice a year to keep it shiny.
  5. Get the insurance and appraisal done for the ring to keep it safe against unforeseen dangers.

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