Triangular- This body type is the most difficult to dress. No doubt, one can easily dress the thin and delicate top parts of the body, but there is a difficulty to cover the petite bottom half. Many people gets baffled when dressing such people. If you boast of triangular body along with long legs, go for a dress that is approx 2-3 inch above the knee, as it will assist you to highlight the legs.Additionally, you can even make yourselves noticeable by wearing halters or sleeveless dress.

Apple Shaped Body- It is a kind of body that have a large bust and shoulders and hips fine tune with each other. If you are a proud owner of apple shaped body type, go for tunic or column dresses; don’t opt for fitted dresses. It is because an A line cut highlights the middle part of the body and straight cuts takes away the attention from the middle part of body and puts legs and shoulders as a highlight.

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