You don’t have to compromise on style when choosing a pair of sunglasses.  With so many exciting styles, brands and varieties available, there is something to suit all tastes and face shapes.  However its not all about the fashion factor.  There are a few things to consider when purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

#1 Sun Protection:


Make sure your sunglasses have adequate sun protection. This means they should be able to block harmful UVB and UVA rays by at least 99%, preferably 100%. This is because exposure to too much sunlight can increase your risk of certain problems related to vision. These include cataracts, macular degeneration, burns and cancer.  To avoid these potentially fatal eye problems make sure your sunglasses has sufficient protection from sun exposure.

#2 Colour:

gift-sunglasses-lThe colour of your lenses has a significant effect on how well you can detect contrast and differentiate colours. There are certain colours which can strengthen contrast but this is usually at the expense of colour distinction. This can be dangerous for certain activities such as driving when you need to be able to clearly differentiate the colours of traffic lights. Grey lenses are a good option as they can reduce light intensity but won’t affect contrast or distort colour. For skiing and other snow activities brown lenses are a great choice as they partially block blue light whilst also enhancing contrast. Avoid amber/yellow lenses when driving as they are not good for colour recognition.

#3 Style:


There are numerous styles available to flatter and compliment every face shape. Wayfarers and aviators are very popular amongst the fashion-conscious. Meanwhile, wraparounds are commonly used in extreme sports.

Finally, when choosing your sunglasses make sure you try them on to ensure they fit properly. They should not be too tight and your eyelashes shouldn’t touch the frames or lenses. Also, if you require glasses for everyday life then why not opt for some prescription sunglasses.

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