A watch is among one of the most important accessories to complete men’s dress. The choice that you make sometimes defines your overall image.  There are many designs, styles and brands of men’s watches in the market. Knowing how to select the best watch for your style and status is important. You can have more than one watch to suit different occasions. There are watches that are suitable for casual wear or a sporty look. This type of watch is large with prominent markings and large luminous hands. Sports watches are normally water resistant in case you decide to go swimming or deep sea diving or just to relax at the beach. For other occasions you can choose to buy a classic watch which is generally made of gold. Other factors such as a rotating bezel and tritium coated hands add diversity to the watch. Designer watches are also a good choice with the main feature being the reputation of the designer or the designer label.


When choosing a watch for men, the brand is important. Once you have decided the type of watch you want, whether a classic, sports or designer watch, the brand that you choose is important as this is where the quality and durability comes in to test. The reputation of the brand that you are interested in is important. You can research widely about the brand online or ask friends. Another source of information regarding the brand is user feedback online. For example, users of James Bond Omega Planet Ocean watches leave comments about the watch online. These comments tell a lot about the brand.

The choice of outlet to buy from is also important. Genuine prestigious watches are only available in authorized dealer outlets or from official online outlets of the specific brand that you want to buy. Select a size of watch which is compatible with your overall body size. A watch is part of grooming for men and should fit your image and style of dressing. The watch bracelet is also an important factor to consider. If you only use one watch, consider a stainless steel bracelet as it is flexible when dressing and coordinates with most clothes, whether casual or formal. James Bond Omega Planet Ocean watches have a wide range of designs to suit your personal image.

Another important factor of the watch is its life expectancy. Most mechanical watches last for a long time giving you excellent value for your money. Quartz watches have a shorter lifespan depending on how you use the watch. The parts of the watch cannot be repaired making it junk at any sign of a mechanical breakdown. It is also important to consider general watch maintenance. Mechanical watches require cleaning, quartz batteries require replacement, and lithium-iodine batteries have a lifespan of ten years. Consider the budget that you have and make an informed decision about the best watch for your needs and lifestyle.

Abbie has been a renowned classic watch designer for over 20 years with a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Scotland University. She is also a lead adviser and consultant for James Bond Omega Planet Ocean watches.

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