If you’re a fashionable person, you need to ensure that your home is just as fashionable as you are. However, knowing what clothes and styles are trending is not the same as knowing what furniture and interior décor is trending. Instead, you need to make sure that you do your research to determine what’s in and what’s out. Thankfully, we’ve taken care of what’s out right here. Below you’ll find some home fashion ideas you absolutely need to avoid.

Too Many Patterns

Stripes, chevron, and other types of design elements are in, but that doesn’t mean that you need to ensure that you use these patterns throughout every corner of your home. If you want to use stripes, chevron, or another pattern, just be sure to do so in moderation. For example, if you’re going to have a chevron print carpet in your living room, don’t complement with stripe or chevron walls or curtains. Instead, allow that one pattern to be the focal point of the room, and then complement it with simple colors.

Bare Windows

Some people believe that having open windows without any window treatments is a great idea, as it provides the minimalist look as well as natural light. While these people aren’t wrong, they’re not right either. Using window coverings is a great way to soften a room. Plus, they can also complement the style and décor of the room as well as provide privacy when necessary. Buy some different window coverings, try them out throughout your home, and stick with the ones you’ll like.

Bare Walls

Along with bare windows, you cannot have any bare walls in your home either. Think of your walls as a blank canvas. They are meant to hold a variety of different décor options. You can keep it simple and just use a wall as an accent by either painting it a different color, adding a pattern to the wall, or even using wallpaper. You could also add shelving units to a wall to make it stand out, or simply hang up artwork or pictures for a customized look.

Bare Floors

Obviously, there’s a bare theme here that you need to avoid in your home. Thanks to open concept, many homes today have one type of flooring running throughout the entire space. While this is still perfectly acceptable, it doesn’t mean you have to only have that one floor everywhere. There’s no rule that says you can’t break up some of the same flooring with an accent rug or two. This is especially true if your home has hardwood or laminate flooring, but you can also place area rugs on carpet too to break up the monotony.

Faux Anything

Saving money is important, but it’s very easy to spot the difference between laminate and granite; hardwood and laminate; faux wood blinds and real wood blinds; and faux-painted walls and real walls. If you want a certain look in your home, it’s better if you save the money to buy the real thing. The faux items will not have the same return on investment as the real items will, so keep this in mind if you plan on selling your home anytime soon. If you love the look of hardwood, stick with hardwood over laminate. If you like the wood blind look, buy the wood blinds and not the fake plastic ones. If you like the look of wood planks or brick for a wall, use real wood planks or real brick instead of the fake panels. These upgrades will keep your home fashionable and provide a return on investment.

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