When guys are gearing up to dress up this summer, there are some things that every guy must have if he wants to look good. There are five essential garments that combine form and function into one to make it easy for a guy to get dressed and look fantastic on a daily basis. Whether the guy is getting dressed for work or going on vacation, he can follow these tips to look great all the time.

1. The White Linen Shirt

Every man must have a white linen shirt in his closet to ensure that he always has something clean and easy to wear. For the casual day at work, the guy can wear a white linen shirt and some nice slacks. When he goes out to dinner that evening, he is going to look equally perfect for a night of dinner and drinks.

2. Madris Shorts

A nice pair of madris shorts will take a guy from the beach to lunch at the country club every single day of the summer. While these shorts may seem a bit wild, they can be paired with the white linen shirt above to create a classic ensemble that Ralph Lauren has made a fortune on.

3. Pastels

Guys who are dressing for the summer should consider changing their dark dress shirts and with pastel-colored dress shirts and ties. Not only do these ties and shirts look great in the summer time, but they look even better with the sleeves rolled up and the top button on the shirt unbuttoned. Guys don’t need to be sweating all say at work, and these light colors will keep them comfortable all throughout the hottest part of the year.

4. Tan Shoes

Guys are brought to believe that they need brown, black and cordovan shoes. However, most guys do not make an investment in tan shoes that will match practically anything they wear. With a nice pair of tan shoes to wear to work, a guy can go from the office to a nice dinner with his lady after taking off his tie. The shoes will always be the main feature of the ensemble and will garner compliments all day.

5. The Tee Shirt

Tee shirts are an essential for every guy’s wardrobe. Tee shirts are easy for guys to throw one and they are inexpensive. In fact, a guy can get a tee in every single color of the spectrum to ensure that they always have something to wear on their days off and on vacation. If you’re not sure where you can get some decent ones, Reem clothing mens t shirts section would be a good place to start looking for styles that might fit your own.


Trying each of these five looks will change the way a guy looks in the summer and make him feel amazing.

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