Most people have received a present that they don’t like, don’t want or in the case of clothes just doesn’t fit or suit them.  It can be difficult to know what to do with these unwanted items without hurting the feelings of the person who gave it to you.  You could just ask for the receipt and return them or, as with many other unwanted items, you can recycle clothes for money.

Keep the clothes and hide them

The solution when you receive clothes that you don’t want is to smile, say thank you, and then hide them in the deepest darkest drawer that you can find.  This might work if you don’t see the person who gave you the present very often and you are good at inventing excuses as to why you are never seen in the gift; there are, however, problems with this approach.  You will eventually either run out of space to hide these gifts or run out of excuses; if you live with the person who gave you the gift then there is also the chance that they will find your hiding place before you are ready to explain.

Return them to the shop

The amount of courage needed for this approach depends on what is wrong with the present; if it doesn’t fit or is simply the wrong colour and it still has its tags then it is reasonably easy and shouldn’t even require you to ask for the receipt.  It gets a little more complicated if there is nothing in the shop that you would ever choose to wear and you need to ask the present giver for the receipt and deal with the questions that may follow.

Get creative

Getting creative could be the perfect answer if you are talented with a needle and thread; it’s amazing the changes that can be made by either removing or adding a few accessories to a previously unbearable item.  The only problem could be explaining why you felt the need to make the changes in the first place.

Pass them on

Unwanted presents make great presents for other people and clothes are no exception.  Keep the item clean and packed away carefully with its tags on and wait until next Christmas or a friend’s birthday, then neatly wrap and pass it on. It is important to remember who sent you the present in the first place as this will avoid an awkward moment when they open it and realise that they gave it to you to get rid of it in the first place.  This approach also fails if the item is so horrendous that no one wants to keep it and it continually goes round your cycle of friends until someone finds the courage to put an end to it for good.

Recycle them

By far the best approach is to recycle clothes for money.  By choosing this approach you get to free yourself of the offending item and use the money you make to buy something you actually like; you can use any of the above approaches as excuses to explain its sudden disappearance, the item finds a new home or new use, and you have helped the environment by not adding to the mountains of landfill.

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