These days, clothing manufacturers are throwing around the words “eco-friendly”, “green” and “sustainable” like they’re going out of style. But how many have actually taken the terms to heart and are working to create clothes with little environmental impact? And do they make anything you’d actually want to wear? Here’s a list of five eco friendly clothing companies trying to do good and make you look good in the process.

Eco fashion

100% NY
The company’s tagline is “100% chic. 0% waste.” Thanks to innovative designs and forward thinking, each garment produces close to 0% waste, from patterns to construction. They also use many sustainable and natural textiles. Their sportswear collections feature soft draping is mixed with edgy details for a comfortable fashion-forward mix.

This company uses organic cotton and sustainable Tencel as the base fabrics for their eco clothing. Loomstate has expanded their efforts with reducing manufacturing and water waste and encouraging recycling of used clothing. The designs themselves are reversible and can be worn in more than one way. This means consumers need to buy fewer pieces and, therefore, reduce the overall need for more clothes. Sleek dresses and cardigans are in sophisticated color combinations for a sporty look that can go anywhere.

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