It is reaching that time of year again where summer is approaching and those who are into their surfing will be heading to the beach – whether on a treat indulgence in one of their favourite pastimes whilst on holiday or as a continuance of an ongoing all year round hobby. Dedicated surfers will be donning their women’s wetsuits of the 1mm wetsuit, 2mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit, and 3/2mm wetsuit style, grabbing their surf boards and hitting the waves. Just as much as it important to buy a good board and all the equipment like board wax that comes with it, is equally important to invest in decent women’s wetsuits.

Therefore surfers who are ready to get serious about their hobby should take the time to look properly into what sort of men’s and women’s wetsuits are appropriate and will provide them with the optimum level of protection and comfort they need. Surfing is something that historically used to be more of hobby men would partake in. However, with our world and its stereotypes ever changing, surfing and all other kinds of water sports is something a lot more women are getting involved in. Women all around the world are finding they are just as good at surfing as men can be and they love it! So it’s even more important you get yourself a good quality women’s wetsuits. And many stores now stock a variety of women’s wetsuits, including women’s summer wetsuits that are 1mm wetsuit, 2mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit or 3/2mm wetsuit.

The first factor you need to consider is the thickness of the suit. You can get different thickness women’s wetsuits including 1mm wetsuit, 2mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit, 3/2mm wetsuit and more, and the thickness depends on their usage and the type of water one is going to be surfing in. It fits the pattern of the colder the water is- the thicker your wetsuit needs to be.

The fit of your women’s summer wetsuits is often something people, particularly beginners, get wrong. The very nature of a wetsuit is that it is supposed to be tight- tighter than people think anyway, and it is actually not a problem if it is quite restrictive. And it can be even more difficult buying a women’s wetsuits than a man’s because of this. Buying a loose women’s wetsuits in 1mm wetsuit, 2mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit or 3/2mm wetsuit is actually a common misconception people make, but is an important one not to miss, especially as a women’s summer wetsuits that is not tight enough can let in water and will not keep you warm.

You also need to think about the style of suit that you want. You can get women’s wetsuits with long or short sleeves, and the same with the leg length. You can also get two piece women’s wetsuits. Short suits tend to be more popular with surfers, particularly women’s summer wetsuits, but whatever style you think you would be more comfortable in and suits you the best is ultimately the one you should go for.

Choosing a good quality women’s wetsuits means looking closely at how carefully it’s been made. You can do this by looking at the seams of the suit- if they’ve been glued together it will not be as good quality and will not last as long. If it has also been sewn with the over-lock stitch the suit might let more water in and will not be particularly comfortable, so avoid this if you can. The best kind of stitching available in the blind stitch, If you can find yourself a suit that is glued and blind stitched this counts as double protection and it will more than likely be a good quality women’s summer wetsuits regardless of whether it is a 1mm wetsuit, 2mm wetsuit, 3mm wetsuit or 3/2mm wetsuit.

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