While online dating is at an all-time high, there are a few problems that are beginning to crop up. The majority of these problems are due to certain undesirable elements making their way into the dating industry: men and women out to scam other users or those that put people’s safety at risk. Another unpopular element is those members who aren’t exactly socially ‘suitable.’ However, this can all be avoided through using an elite dating service.

Elite dating services are the next level on online dating. Before admission, members are thoroughly evaluated through extensive interviews and background checks. Anyone with a dark past won’t be allowed admission, no matter how romantic the trope might be. The health and safety of other members comes before anything else.

New York Socials is one of these clubs. In addition to providing a safe atmosphere for dating, this group takes dating to an entirely new stage: providing dating experts and matchmakers. These men and women will meet with members before any of the social mixer events, coaching them on proper techniques for approaching someone they’re interested in and starting a conversation. Feedback is also given after the event to better understand how members reacted to the setting and what could have been done differently.

The mixers themselves are completely unlike any dating event ever before seen. Unlike the rapid fire meetings of speed dating or the dubious coffee dates of certain smart phone-based apps, these mixers are intimate, quiet atmospheres that allow beautiful men and women to come together in a safe setting with a mutual interest: finding another person to love.

Elite dating services aren’t for everyone. They stand apart from the majority of services by targeting successful, affluent men and women who need an extra level of security in their dating.

To summarize, if you’re looking for a dating service that can give you the assurance you need, elite dating services might just be for you. They provide consultation services to help improve your image, a concierge to help keep the date running smoothly, a dating coach to help you work through the awkward early stages of a relationship, and a relationship coach to ensure long-term success. These dating services are entirely unlike the normal online dating services advertised on nighttime television. However, this comes at a cost with high barriers to entry and rigid requirements for its members.



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