The Far East is home to many delights in terms of culture, style and luxury and it is also home to one of the world’s most striking forms of pearl jewellery – namely, that of Akoya pearls. The history and status of Akoya pearls speaks for itself and they are, in fact, the most renowned form of pearl jewellery given the fact that they were the first type of cultured pearl.

The jewellery that is crafted from Akoya pearls is exceptional to say the least and it remains one of the most classical and awe-inspiring types of jewellery on the market today. Which is all the more impressive given how long luxury Akoya pearls have been bewitching fashion conscious women the world over.

Akoya Pearls – A Dazzling Piece of Luxury Jewellery

It is difficult to describe the beauty of Akoya pearl jewellery and, as is always the case, a picture paints a thousand words. Take a look at some exquisite examples of luxurious Akoya pearls below which will truly showcase why this seminal form of jewellery has remained so popular for so long.

pearl 1

Ruby & Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings

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