No matter a woman’s size, she wants a swimsuit that not only flatters her body type, but also one that is trendy and stylish. No woman should feel ashamed when strutting her stuff on the beach or at the pool. Luckily for those of us without the standard body type, plus-size swimwear has come a long way over the past decade or so. Despite this, it’s still difficult to find fashionable bathing suits in stores. Brick-and-mortar retailers have never catered to the plus-size populace, and this is strange, as two-thirds of American women fall into the plus-size category. As a result, many women turn to online retailers to find and purchase trendy swimsuits.

If you’ve ever tried to shop for a plus size swimsuit at your local department store, you know first-hand that plus-size styles are not nearly as versatile as those for women with smaller frames. The ones that are available tend to be unflattering and made with darker fabrics. It is rare that you find a colorful, flattering plus-size swimsuit at the mall or your favorite clothing shop. Add to this the dread of fitting room anxiety, and the pitying or mocking stares of other shoppers and staff, it’s no wonder that so many women now look online for their swimsuit needs.


Online retailers have come to the rescue of women of all sizes. You can now use your computers, smartphones, and tablets to access online stores to find flattering swimwear. From high-waisted bikinis and tankinis to bold patterns and waist-cinching designs, the style selection is nothing short of plethoric. You can even purchase swimwear with built-in underwire and additional support where you need it most (if you’re a bustier woman, you will be thankful). The best style for you if you’re a plus-size women depends entirely on your body type. The best online retailers know that it isn’t body size that determines what you should wear, but body type. If you’re new to body type calculation, head over to swimsuitsforall to see what this miraculous service can do for your confidence. If you don’t have a defined waist, a bathing suit with a waist belt will create the illusion of a slim waist. For a bust boost, there are swimsuits with built-in bra pads to help fill you out. Do a quick search for what your body type to find the details you need, and the possibilities might surprise you!

Whether you’re shopping for the summer season or because you need a trendy swimsuit to hit up the pools and beaches at your favorite vacation spot, the internet has you covered. You can literally order swimwear at any time by shopping online. Even in the midst of a snow-ravaged winter, online retailers have made it possible to buy a trendy swimming suit and to have that in-style swimsuit mailed directly to your front door.

This year, do something for that beautiful body of yours. If your local department store leaves you feeling discouraged after your swimwear search, don’t fret. The easy-to-navigate, fun-to-browse swimsuitsforall is here to help. They’ve created new shopping possibilities for women of all shapes and sizes. If your favorite shop is leaving you high and dry, an online alternative is likely to have what you’re looking for in stock and in your size. With the new age of shopping, the options are virtually endless—especially when it comes to plus-size swimwear.

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