Ask any woman what her key wardrobe item is and you’ll get the same answer: a pair of jeans. A good pair of high-quality designer jeans will take you far in life and can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion. The trick here is to identify your specific body type and then to dress accordingly. With such variety in terms of styles, it’s easy to find the most flattering jeans to suit your body.


• Similar measurements at the chest torso and hips
• Rounder shape with little waist definition, usually slim legs
Mid-rise skinny or straight-leg jeans will be great for balancing your waistline and flattening the stomach; the slim fit will emphasize your legs. We all know that black is a slimming colour, so opting for a solid darker denim colour will be advantageous in accentuating your silhouette.

• Narrow chest, smaller bust, wider hips
Boyfriend-style jeans will help to balance your hips, as will a high-waisted classic straight leg. If that’s not really to your liking you can try low-rise pants that flare out; these will have a slimming and streamline effect on your hips.

• Fuller hips and breasts
• Smaller waist
In terms of colour, it’s best to gravitate towards a solid colour as a faded effect can make your legs appear thicker than they really are. A mid-rise wide-leg cut will really show off your gorgeous curves by drawing attention to your slim waist, whilst simultaneously balancing out your fuller thighs.
If the legs are a bit too long, don’t worry about rolling them up; cropped jeans (just at the hem by your ankles, not cropped all the way to under your knees) add a bit of width at the bottom to perfectly balance your fuller hips.

• Straight up and down, no curves
• Athletic
Looser-fitting jeans such as boyfriend jeans will help to create an illusion of curves. Generally, it is better to steer away from skinny jeans as these will just emphasise your lack of curves, however if you find a great fitting pair, simply team them with an oversized top.
Instead of skinnies, try a classic straight-leg cut.

Tall and Leggy:
This self-explanatory body type needs no description. With a shorter torso and longer legs, jeans that have a faded effect will help to break up that length somewhat. Darker, solid colours have a slimming effect, but this is the opposite of what you want to achieve.
The absolute perfect fit for this body type is a retro flare style which is tight at the thighs and widens at the knee. Pairing these pants with a bulkier top will also help to balance out all that leg.

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