Style has always been influenced from both the top and the bottom; runway creations that may be worn five times will send subtle ripples out through the fashion industry, and affect small things like shoulder cut, ruffles, pleats or and more.

Color and tone also flow downwards – there is no such thing as a regular ‘blue’ in the fashion world, and someone who does not pay attention to the industry would be amazed at the way ideas are connected through the tenuous web of imagination and taste.

From the beginning, though top and mid-level designers have been influenced by the street. They even have a name for it now, Streetstyle! But that just describes what has always been there – each person’s individual sense of what looks best on them.

The fledgling designers out there know who they are; combining two outfits in a way that doesn’t make sense, combining a blazer with a minidress for a winter chic look that can only be pulled off by the confident.

And that is what fashion is all about – confidence.

We are all beautiful, every one of us, and our ideas are all valid – so here are a few thoughts to help you spread your fashion wings!

Look at lots of pictures! (and then at yourself)

It is said that an author has to read ten thousand books – a fashion designer, even a part time one has to look at that many pictures. Then take a look at yourself, and ask the basic question – who do I want to be? A buttoned down businessista? Or a quirky, liberated mismatched artist type? Sultry, or sunny, or combinations of all of them?

That’s the real fun – develop 3 distinct looks, and that will start your fashion designer juices flowing!

Try on lots of clothes

Nothing beats getting ideas about what types of things to put together or what colors to combine quite as much as going out and trying on clothes at the stores. This will give you an idea of what the newest styles are, what clothes fit best on you and what clothes you think look best – don’t forget, as a project, work at developing three distinct looks!

Dump some old clothes!

And then go buy some new ones – that’s the joy about getting rid of old clothes, but not all of them, and accessories can always take on a different life when combined with a new outfit. Clear your closet out at least once a year!

Learn basic sewing

More than one designer started just this way, but it is never too late – at the least, find a seamstress. No matter what you style, sometimes having clothes fit your body perfectly, whether man or woman, can make all the difference!

And who knows – you may decide that you really like sewing! It is a great hobby, and can really be a payoff for someone who really wants to create art and nice Dresses! (Or shirts, for that matter!)

Don’t forget the accessories!

Never forget that the most basic style decisions can give any outfit your own personal flair and touch – your handbag, shoes, accessories and hair, as well as jewelry can make a ‘plain’ dress pop.

Style is like art – there is no wrong answer. You may get unpopular answers, but wear your vision with confidence, and other people will see the beauty in you!

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