The number of life-changing, world-altering gadgets that have sprung from the imaginations of mankind and transformed out lives forever are numerous. From helping us recover our daily energy levels from taxing household chores however, kitchen and laundry appliances rank up there in terms of historical significance. One of the best of the bunch? The humble washing machine.

A world changer if ever there was one the washing machine has found its way into our homes and hearts, helping us keep smart and presentable while saving us from daunting weekly trips to the laundrette. Further ways as to how it has changed us for the better? Check out these for suggestions for reasons as to why you should pay it more respect.

Transformed the Way We Live

Cambridge Economist Ha-Joon Chang argues that the washing machine, more than the internet, has had a larger impact on how we live in the world today. Reducing the time we need to clean our standard laundry loads from four hours to just 41 minutes, the time-reduction factor is huge. With washing machines easy to repair, we’re also blessed by the fact we never have to be without our humble yet essential appliance for long. Saving us from the doom of packing our loads up and heading out onto the street to find a slowly-disappearing laundrette.

Social Mobility

Another way the washing machine has enriched lives is by allowing women to move out of the home and become more engaged in other essential activities that don’t revolve around household chores. Since its introduction as a consumer appliance in the 1950s, women have gradually integrated into the workforce as well as increasing their levels of education and independence. In developed countries the washing machine has made a huge socio-economic impact and transformed the roles of women in society hugely.

Developing World

Although a large proportion of the world’s population is still yet to have access to a washing machine, nor reap its advantages, the average price of the appliance is falling and becoming more affordable for people in the developing world. With the rise of globalisation and people’s average standards of living raising, the washing machine will also bring similar benefits to workers in the developing world, helping to free up their time, increase their education opportunities and their levels of productivity.

Water Efficiency and Energy Consumption

As machines become increasingly more technologically sophisticated, the rate of energy efficiency and water consumption is improving in terms of developments being made in the field of washing machine innovation. A lot more water efficient than alternative modes of washing, washing machines now offer a very ecological way of being of benefit to the environment.

The washing machine is a huge contributor to the advancement of mankind. If you haven’t yet invested in one for your home, think about doing so now.

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