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From silk long dresses to tight bandage-type dresses and short cut-offs, you can still look classy and a knockout for your prom.

Some schools implement very specific prom style do’s and don’ts that you need to follow whether you’re making your dress or looking for designer prom dresses. These might include:

  • Students should dress to be the ladies and gentleman the school expects
  • Formal dresses and tuxedos are ideal but not required so long as you’re dressed up and not wearing jeans or shorts.

Now, some students may try to slip through the cracks when looking for their Cinderella moment. But you can still look amazing in a classic, formal gown.

The biggest no-no for prom is revealing too much skin. The act of revealing some skin itself isn’t too bad. But, you wouldn’t really wear a mini dress to a funeral, would you? The same thing applies for prom: start by asking yourself who will be there and what activities you will be doing (sitting, eating, dancing). You should feel comfortable in your classy dress. It’s the night for putting away those street clothes and dressing up to hang out with your friends in style. It’s a time when teary eyed moms and dads will look back on your prom photos with pride.

So it is essential to dress appropriately for prom. At that means finding designer prom dresses 2016 that are classy and gorgeous. Here are a few tips you can follow to eliminate the stress of searching for that one special dress to look classy and elegant in for your prom.

  • Colours – classy, knock out colours include purple; red; pink; green; yellow; black; turquoise; silver; gold; white and like and dark blues combined.
  • Materials – classy materials for prom dresses include chiffon; stretch satin; satin and lace. But what you ultimately land up wearing will probably depend on your prom theme.
  • Trims or appliqué details – fringe, beading and lace trim are all great options for trims that can be added to a more solid dress if you want to add a little elegance and sparkle. You’ll easily find these trims at a fabric shop and you can either sew them on by hand or some can be ironed directly onto the dress. Remember to carefully follow the directions when adding an appliqué straight onto the garment.
  • Making your own dress – if you’d rather make your own elegant dress than shop for designer prom dress, make sure you have a pattern go work from – whether you’re opting for a dress, or elegant top and pants or skirt paired. Having a pattern or sketch to go on can greatly reduce the stress of completing the outfit. Try using something that already fits you and trace it onto your chosen fabric inside out. You might even prefer to buy a solid blank dress and add your own details to create something completely unique.

Dressing up for prom should be a fun experience shared with friends and family. While everyone may be very supportive of your choice of dress, it’s important that you feel comfortable, classy and elegant in your chosen dress and accessories. You’ll know when you’ve found the perfect dress and whatever it may be, you’ll find your face lighting up, your eyes sparkling and everyone around you smiling.

Keep the length acceptable for school rules and that goes for the neckline too. It’s easy to be classy and a knock out on prom night.

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