Claims for compensation against hairdressers and beauty therapists or practitioners have been increasing in recent years. This is somewhat alarming, and yet at the same time completely understandable. Hairdressing has always been a recession-proof industry, as people always need their hair cut or styled, and as such attracts many new businesses each year.

However, in recent years more and more treatments have become widely available, and extremely popular. It’s not just hair dyeing and tinting but also hair extensions and eyelash extensions which have boomed in recent years. Also, nail and lash bars have sprung up around the country in order to meet the insatiable demand for these beauty treatments.

Lacking regulation

Sadly, the industry is largely unregulated, with only voluntary registration in place at the moment. This effectively means that anyone can proclaim to be a specialist in these treatments without being registered or vetted by any government authority or other regulatory body. Clearly, the potential for problems regarding negligence, incompetence and lack of training and qualifications is enormous – and while the vast majority of people might never have a bad experience at the hairdressing or beauty salon, there is a considerable number of people who do suffer at the hands of inexperienced or negligent practitioners.

Claims for compensation

In the case where an injury is caused by an incorrectly applied hair or beauty treatment, clients do have the right to file claims against hairdressers for compensation. This could be in the case of burns caused by chemicals used in hair colouring, straightening or curling, among others, or in cases of permanent hair damage caused by improperly attached hair extensions, for example.

Likewise if a visit to a beauty therapist or practitioner for something as straightforward as eyelash extensions results in pain or injury to the eyes, clients have the right to make beauty claims against the practitioner in order to be compensated for the pain, anguish and suffering caused.

Seek expert help

Proof of the fact that such cases are far more common than we might think is the growing number of specialists offering their services specifically for such compensation claims. These are legal experts who have experience and in-depth knowledge of the claims process and what is required in terms of substantiating a successful claim for damages, personal injury, and emotional and psychological compensation when clients have suffered as the result of hair or beauty treatments which have gone horribly wrong.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer a bad experience while undergoing a treatment related to your hair, eyelashes, laser hair removal or similar beauty procedure – be aware that you have the right to make a claim for appropriate compensation for any injuries which result.

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