As the days warm up and summer approaches, the vibe in the air becomes more energized and colorful. People start wanting to add a little extra flair to their life, and that often comes in the form of expression through their wardrobe. Adding flair to your summer wardrobe is a way for you to express the fun that comes with extra sunshine in those great summer months. It’s a time of warm weather, tropical, punchy colors and free spirits. But what if you have no idea where to start? Good news: you don’t have to be a fashionista, or anywhere near it, to bring some great personality into your clothes this summer. Just follow some of our tips and you’ll be feeling spunky and summery in no time.


Summer colors and prints


When it comes to summer clothes, don’t be afraid to be splashy with some fun colors and prints! This time of year is not the time to hold back if you see a bright turquoise or coral piece that you absolutely love. This is a great time of year to experiment with wild looks. For example, try pairing unlikely colors and patterns together in an eye-catching combination. Try this trend called “power clashing:” wear mismatched prints that are so completely different, that it looks like you’ve clashed them intentionally. Think black and white hounds tooth print matched with a vibrant, colorful top.




Summer dresses are easy, breezy and a super fashionable way to express yourself while being super comfortable. This summer, shift dresses are super-in so pick some up in a variety of colors and prints. If you’ll be spending time at the beach or pool, make sure you have a good collection of beach wraps and dresses to throw on over a swimsuit. It’s fun to have these in all different colors! For more of a nighttime vibe, go for a dressier look but stick with the colorful theme.




Even in summertime, it can get chilly enough to make you cover up your legs especially in the evening and at nighttime. Fashionable legwear is a great way to express your style in the summertime. Try wearing long socks or leggings with a colorful mini skirt. You can find legwear in all sorts of colors and patterns to brighten up your summer wardrobe. They’re a great break from wearing the same old boring jeans all the time! And tights and leggings are lighter than jeans, so they’re a better option for the warmer summer months.




You have all kinds of options when it comes to summertime footwear. If you prefer to stay minimalistic, pick a good pair of flip-flops that can go with anything, especially if you’ll be at the beach or pool. Or for a slightly more fashionable look, pick up a pair of gladiator sandals to brighten up your summer look. These are especially trendy in gold and silver. Platform sandals amp up your look even more and can take a summer outfit from day to night.




Summertime outfits are all about the accessories. Since it’s warmer out, you can stick with basic, light pieces and spice them up with different interesting accessories. Think colorful, chunky jewelry to pair with a basic top and jean shorts. Chunky necklaces in colors like coral, yellow and turquoise can be a great add to a white top. Big rings and bracelets are in fashion as well. Other accessories like scarves and pashminas are great for adding style to a basic outfit as well. Throw a light scarf around your neck to bring an outfit from the pool to the city. And wraps can double as beachwear when you need to throw something over your swimsuit.


Don’t forget about summer eyewear once the sun starts coming out! You can find some great and fashionable sunglasses at many shops, so look around to find the styles you like. Different shades fit different face shapes so try on lots and get different opinions. Your choice of sunglasses can vary depending on your budget, but you don’t have to break the bank to get a great pair! Splurge on a nice pair then get some fun, cheaper frames in different colors for a fun change! You can wear nicer, designer sunglasses for a day out in the city and switch to a beachy pair that won’t matter so much if they get scratched by the sand or lost in the ocean.

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