It is common for women with thin lashes to notice a few lashes falling out and panic. You may be wondering what is normal and when you should worry about eyelash loss. Eyelashes grow and fall out in a natural growth cycle, similar to the hair on your head, but in shorter cycles. Understanding the natural pattern of eye lash growth can help you determine if your lash loss is normal or excessive.

What is Normal Lash Growth?

At any given time, some of your eye lash follicles are in a growth phase, while others are being shed. After the eye lash is shed, a new one will immediately begin to grow in its place. This entire process can take between four and eight weeks. In most cases, lash loss is normal, but there are some situations that can exacerbate eyelash loss. You can learn how to encourage healthy eyelash growth at Top Eyelash Serums.

Anagen, the Growth Phase

The growth phase is called anagen. During this phase, the eyelashes are in an active growth phase. This can last anywhere from 30 to 45 days and the lashes will stop at the specific length they are meant to grow. Generally, about 40 percent of follicles are in this growth phase at any given time.

Catagen, the Transition Phase

At the end of the growth phase, the follicle enters catagen, which is the transition phase. In this phase, the growth of the eyelash stops. Although it is not actively growing, this phase is very important in the natural growth cycle. During this phase, the follicle begins to shrink, which prepares the follicle to grow the next eyelash when this one falls out. Catagen usually lasts about two or three weeks.

Telogen, the Resting Phase

During the resting phase, the eyelashes are at their full length and are not growing. Telogen is usually about 100 days and the lash will fall out at the end of this time period. Treating the lashes carefully during this phase is important to prevent lashes from falling out too early, so you can enjoy longer and healthier lashes.

Supporting Natural Eye Lash Growth

There are a few things you can do to support the natural growth cycle and encourage healthy eyelashes. You should use quality cosmetics on the eyes, make sure you wash off your make up before going to bed at night, avoid tugging or pulling the eyelashes, and don’t rub your eyes. If you want to use a lash conditioner, you can find the best supplements and vitamins for eyelash growth by reading unbiased product reviews here.

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